Linear description and classification

In order to assess and document the conformation traits of a cow, Braunvieh Schweiz offers its members a linear description and classification. In it, about 40 type traits of a lactating cow are linearly described with a score from 1 to 9. Defects and faults are also identified.

The individual traits are combined together into five groups: frame, rump, feet and legs, udder and teats. Each of the five groups receives a classification score, based on the economic relevance of the individual traits.

Finally, the five classification scores are weighted as follows: frame 25%, rump 10%, feet and legs 25%, udder 30%, teats 10%, and result in a final score.

Linear description and classification in 2nd ff. lactation

With a view to longevity, young cows that have not fully developed yet should be hardly given high scores. Hence the following scale was created:


90 – 99 points

Very good

85 – 89 points


80 – 84 points


75 – 79 points


70 – 74 points


65 – 69 points

Both in the first and second lactation, the maximum scores given to cows do not reach the highest level yet. This is the max. classification for every lactation:

1st lactation

     89 points

2nd lactation

     92 points

3rd ff. lactation

     99 points

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