Milk performance testing for HB farms

With the milk performance test, every month a Herdbook farm (HB farm) receives information on the milk quantity and milk contents of its cows. As a standard service, the milk somatic cell count and urea content are analyzed. Milk performance tests provide useful information for the proper herd management.

Test methods A4/AT4

Brown Cattle breeders can choose between two milk performance test methods. Besides the traditional standard method A4, Braunvieh Schweiz offers the test method AT4.

Test method A4:
Under this method the test is carried out by a milk controller approximately every 4 weeks. Two weighings are performed (a.m. and p.m.).

Test method AT4:
Under this method the test is performed only during one milking session, alternating a.m. and p.m. every month.

Economy Star

Like the management list for farms, Braunvieh Schweiz also points out individual cows with top economic indices. Cows fulfilling very high performance and fitness criteria are published from the second lactation.  

For each individual trait, the following criteria are to be met:

  • Milk performance:
    • 2nd lactation: min. 8,000 kg in lowland areas (mountain areas 7,500 kg)
    • From 3rd lactation min. 9,000 kg in lowland areas (mountain areas 8,500 kg)
  • Protein yield: min. 3.6% in lowland areas (mountain areas 3.5%)
  • Somatic cell score: max. 60,000 
  • Persistency: min. 90%
  • Service period: max. 90 days

All the lactations closed during the year are taken into account. In total, 214 cows meet these extremely strict criteria. Some of them, in particular, boast over 4% protein yield, less than 10,000 somatic cells, 100% persistency and a service period below 30 days.

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