Brown Swiss

Brown Swiss – More Than Milk

-Heini Stricker, Mörschwil SG-
«Brown Swiss is the ideal dairy cow, hardy and with great milk yield.»

Brown Swiss (BS) is versatile and suitable for different production systems. BS efficiently utilizes forage to produce high-quality milk. Brown Swiss milk is particularly suitable for cheese production thanks to its high kappa-casein B content. Thanks to this quality, it contributes to the good reputation of Braunvieh as a cheese breed. This is because the kappa-casein BB in the milk offers a higher yield of cheese than AA milk.

Brown Swiss milk is rich in fat. This is essential for the taste of milk and cheese. Brown Swiss milk is especially known for its high protein content. The ratio of fat to protein must be equal to or higher than 1.15 for good cheesemaking. With a ratio of 1.22, Brown Swiss positions itself in the leading trio in France, for example.

Is Brown Swiss milk more digestible?
Beta-casein makes up 30% of milk protein and also includes two types: A1 and A2. Some scientific studies highlight the following fact: A2 milk is easier to digest, while A1 milk is harder to digest. It could possibly even be responsible for milk intolerance. In many countries – including Switzerland – A2 milk is already available on the market. The proportion of A2 milk in Brown Swiss milk is very high.
In Switzerland, the A2 frequency is 78.5% with 62% A2A2.

-Family Moosbrugger, Tirol/Austria-
«Every day we drink the good milk and eat the delicious butter and cheese from the milk our Brown Swiss cows.»