Genetic trends

The most important tool for assessing the development of a breed are the genetic trends. This means that various environmental factors that can influence the phenotypic values have been corrected. The analysis is carried out over several years. The genetic trends are evaluated annually in April in connection with the base adjustment in the breeding value estimation.

Trends in the breeding target 2026

For traits with low heritability, it takes longer for adjustments in breeding objectives to be reflected in genetic trends. Female fertility was weighted much more heavily when the breeding objective was formulated five years ago. However, a strong effect in the genetic trends is not yet evident. On the other hand, the trend is strongly positive in udder health as well as in conformation traits – especially in the udder. The development of teat distribution at the rear and teat position is under constant review. The functionality of the teats for milking must also be guaranteed in the future, not only in farms with AMS.

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