Braunvieh consists of the two breeding lines Brown Swiss and Original Braunvieh. It is considered a fit protein breed in beef cattle. At the same time, it shows great performance potential in dairy cattle (Brown Swiss – More Than Milk) and as dual purpose cattle for milk and meat (Original Braunvieh).

You can profit from all these advantages with Brown Swiss!

Brown Swiss stand out for their optimum balance between ingredients and milk quality and quantity. Thanks to the high amount of Kappa-Casein B, Brown Swiss milk is particularly suitable for cheese production. These advantages speak for Brown Swiss as a long-lasting dairy breed:

  • Ideal efficiency and profitability
  • Long productive life
  • High milk content
  • High number of cows with Kappa-Casein BB
  • Good udder health and low somatic cell count
  • Good milking ability
  • Best suited for all milking systems
  • High fertility
  • Easy calving
  • Low disease susceptibility
  • Excellent resilience
  • Capable of subsisting with little care or feed
  • Best heat resistance
  • Ideal fitness traits
  • Docile temperament

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