Elite cows

Braunvieh Schweiz developed a program to increase the impact of genetic selection. Its core element is the “Elite cow” label, which is awarded to top Brown cows. Only a small share of the population receives this label.

The award is primarily linked to the milk value index. Moreover, elite cows have to meet specific requirements concerning conformation (based on the number of lactations) and udder health. In the BrunaNet performance sheet elite cows are marked as“Elite”.


Milk value >= 120  
EBV milk >= +400 kg  
EVB somatic cell score >= 90  
Conformation Udder score Final score
1st lact. >= 82 >= 83
2nd lact.* >= 84 >= 86
3rd ff. lact.* >= 86 >= 88
Dam of elite cow   >= 80
HB-Code A    


* if the cow was described again

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