EBV for beef (OB)

For Original Braunvieh cattle, the estimated breeding values for beef include the traits "carcass weight" ‘carcass yield’ (CHTAX) and "fat cover" for both slaughtering categories, calves and beef (bulls, cows, steers). They are based on the results of a neutral assessment performed in abattoirs by Proviande. Routine genetic evaluations are carried out twice a year in June and December by Mutterkuh Schweiz.

Breeding values are estimated for all breeds and subsequently standardized to a mean value of 100 for each individual breed by using a breed constant. Publication requirements are the same for all breeds. Breeding values are published, provided that for AI sires at least 20 calf and/or beef slaughter records and for NS sires at least 10 calf and/or beef slaughter records are available.