Thanks to its long experience, Braunvieh Schweiz has been assisting the members of the Brown Swiss Herdbook in fulfilling the procedures related to export, thus allowing to overcome administrative barriers more easily. The various services and the related costs are listed below.

Prices Export

Export servicesCHF
Basic export services according to EU directive  
Ordering and processing of cattle passport at TVD (Swiss Animal Movement Database), printing
Issue of pedigree certificate, Annex 1, Swiss zootechnical certificate
Sending of the above mentioned forms via priority mail to exporter or forwarder
Basic fixed rate per customer and day plus fee per animal 30.00 plus 10.00
Other customs-related services 
Package 1, flat rate 50.00
Issue of zootechnical counterparty’s certificate and sending via e-mail or fax with Swiss breeding documents to foreign breeding federation, or obtaining zootechnical counterparty’s certificate to submit to customs  
Package 2, flat rate 50.00
Invoice with delivery list  
Export declaration  
Movement certificate EUR. 1  
Preparation of sanitary-veterinary data for health certificates, flat rate
Obtaining of various data and their inclusion in a working paper for Traes certificate
Preparation of a logbook for export transports over 8 hours
Sending of above mentioned data/forms via e-mail/fax to export veterinarian 


Export subsidies from ASR

The Association of Swiss Cattle Breeders (Arbeitsgemeinschaft Schweizerischer Rinderzüchter, ASR) is committed to promoting cattle exports. In order for exports to be long-term, they have to be supported with subsidies.