Genomic breeding value estimation

Through genomic selection, the breeding value of a trait can be estimated directly from the genetic makeup, i.e. the genome of an animal. This is possible thanks to the so-called SNPs (= base pairs of a DNA strand), that are evenly distributed over the entire genome of an animal.

In a laboratory setting, more than 50,000 SNPs can be analyzed and characterized(typed). A special calculation procedure is used to estimate the impact of every single typing result on a specific trait (e.g. milk performance). There sult of such calculation is the direct genomic breeding value.

Nasal swabs, semen doses or hair samples are used as sample materials. For young cattle we suggest to use nasal swabs, for cows hair samples. In this case, it is necessary to pull 50 to 100 hairs with the root ball attached from the tail.

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