About us

The Association for the Preservation and Promotion of the Swiss Original Braunvieh breed was founded on 12 February 1981. It was established in a period when the majority of Brown Cattle were the result of crossbreeding with imported Brown Swiss blood. The Swiss Original Braunvieh would have completely disappeared in a matter of a few generations, unless clear countermeasures had been taken.

Today the Swiss Original Braunvieh Association has more than 500 members with several thousand Original Braunvieh animals in total. Besides them, there are many sympathizers who pay every year their financial contribution to preserve Original Braunvieh in Switzerland. The membership fee is CHF 50.- per year.

In the Herdbook of Braunvieh Schweiz in Zug there are currently about 17,000 living Original Braunvieh animals; 8,500 of them are cows. Around 400 Original Braunvieh animals are used for breeding purposes. Original Braunvieh is also to be found in various European countries as well as overseas.

The members of the Swiss Original Braunvieh Association meet once a year (early February) for the ordinary General Assembly. Sometimes they organize an informal evening event in autumn, where breeders can also network, exchange views and experiences.

Since 1991 the Association has been publishing its own quarterly magazine called the “Original Züchter”, analyzing questions and issues, making proposals, reporting about exhibitions and showing many pictures of the Swiss Original Braunvieh. The subscription fee is CHF 30.- per year.


Schweizer Original Braunviehzuchtverband
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