About us

Braunvieh, German for “brown cattle”, is an original Swiss cattle breed. Traditionally, Brown Cattle have been bred in Central and Eastern Switzerland since centuries and are best known for their efficiency and profitability. Today, Braunvieh cattle crossed back with American Brown Swiss cows are very widespread across Switzerland.

Braunvieh Schweiz is the name of the organization that represents the interests of Brown Cattle breeders. Besides determining the breeding aim and program, as a service organization it keeps the herdbook, carries out performance tests and breeding value estimations and conducts PR activities.

Original Braunvieh (OB) are Brown Cattle with still pure Swiss Braunvieh blood. OB is a resilient dual purpose breed. The Swiss Original Braunvieh Cattle Breeders’ Federation is a partner organization of Braunvieh Schweiz, that aims at preserving OB breeding.
Original Braunvieh