Breeding program

At least 90% of the Brown Cattle population are artificially inseminated. Braunvieh Schweiz can therefore realize the breeding program only in close collaboration with the artificial insemination organizations. For this purpose a collaboration contract exists between the breeding federations and the licensed insemination organizations. This so-called “label contract” regulates the framework conditions for the artificial insemination program and secures likewise the quality of the Swiss Cattle progeny testing.

10% of the Brown Cattle population are covered in natural mating. For Original Braunvieh this is a rather frequent way. The best progeny groups that are produced from natural service are judged each spring, when breeding families and bull progenies are shown in exhibitions. The very best bulls are then used a second time via AI.

The breeding program that is schematically presented below shows the selection sequence on the mother’s side (cows under milk recording to mothers of sires) and on the father’s side (bull calves to fathers of sires).

Breeding program for Swiss Brown Cattle