Breeding goal

For concrete numerical values the planning horizon is the year 2016. Brown Cattle are bred with a view to an emphasized milk yield in farms with a good fodder supply. As a dual purpose breed, Original Braunvieh (including backcrossed OB animals - ROB) represents a very good alternative for more extensive farms.

 Setting the breeding goal for 2016
 BV OB (incl. ROB)
in measures and figures
a)Milk yield  

Breeding value for cows:

  Genetic gain per year, milk +60 kg + 30 kg

Genetic gain per year, protein

+2 kg +1 kg
  Phenotypic values:    
  Performance gain per year 100 - 200 kg 100 kg
  Adult cows kept under lowland conditions 8500 kg 7500 kg
  Milk content  protein 3.5%
  Persistency  85 % and more
b)Functional traits  
  Productive life (EBV) positive genetic trend
  Life performance at culling (lowland) 35‘000 kg 30‘000 kg
  Udder health (BV cell count) positive genetic trend 


  BV Waiting period

positive genetic trend

  BV Non Return Rate positive genetic trend
  Service period (phenotypic) below 120 days below 110 days

Frame, pelvis, feet and legs, udder, teats

positive genetic trend


Big adult cows

138 –150 cm 135 – 145 cm
d)Beef performance
  Daily gains   1’300 g / day
  Fleshiness   high amount of C to T+